Electronic Learning (eLearning,) also known as Online Learning, is a format in which coursework is completed with electronic resources. Enrollees learn through formalized direction of an online instructor, with the use of online course materials. Its origins begin as a computer-based educational approach for school systems; however, it differs from today’s Distance Learning (which many of you parents are likely very familiar with in these recent times!) eLearning is about personal- and career development in not only educational fields but also other major industries inclusive of technology, healthcare, retail, eCommerce, and even construction. eLearning is now considered a essential investment by a wide-ranging scope of businesses, including nearly half of global Fortune 500 companies, corporate to small biz, established to startup, for-profit to nonprofit, and even government and trade organizations. 

Following the boom of mobile availability, eLearning is accessible for almost anyone through a plethora of digital devices today: desktops, laptops, phones, tablets, and more. It has undergone enormous growth, as companies and organizations continue to expand and virtually train their employees. eLearning utilizes technology to accelerate, improve, develop, and provide access to educational content while also progress-tracking. To manage online learning programs, Learning Management Systems (LMS) and its related software are used. LMS’s are an essential tool for accurate handling of the life cycle of the learning process by storing, organizing, and delivering curricula to employees. 

As eLearning software and LMS’s continue to allow you, the creator of educational content, to cater to individual learners’ needs, it is imperative that your staff can maximize their time in keeping up with constantly shifting trends and developing complete coursework materials. 

You can depend Xcel to free up the production end of your coursework development process as we fastidiously pour your custom content into your LMS, just as your specs require!