ePub Services

Typography and ePubs in the Digital Age

Historically, typography is the graphic arts complex for the composition and printing of books. Today, it is not only hardcopy print but also the ever-growing popularity of digital. 

In the current digital age, it may seem like the best way to create an eBook is by automated online conversion. And if you hit any search engine for websites offering conversion services (many are even free!) you will realize that you are not alone in this assumption. But have you ever tried to read an eBook created with an automatic converter or other online system? If you were aware of the kind of coding used to create these products, you would second guess the decision to use a free or inexpensive service. The poor product quality results in frustrated readers and ultimately a loss in sales. A zero- or minimal cost is in actuality the costlier route to take. You will certainly end up spending even more in the long run.

A well-made eBook is validated by satisfying not only technical requirements, but it must also appeal to a reader’s aesthetic seal of approval. When it comes to ePubs, a manually produced ePub is the wise decision. Entrust the honest work of our professional compositors our methodologies are the result of years of hands-on experience and ever evolving expertise. 

Some of Xcel’s ePub Capabilities 

  • Reflowable ePub 2 (and mobi)
  • Reflowable ePub 3 (and multimedia)
  • Reflowable Amazon (mobi/KF8)  
  • Fixed Layout ePub3 (interactive) 
  • Fixed Layout KF8  
  • ePubs to Vital Source Specifications
  • Web PDFs
  • If you don’t see the file types you need, please ask!

Skip the uncertainty of automated online conversion and consider Xcel’s professional artisans for a hands-on creation of your next ePub!