Book Production Services

Xcel's Quality Composition

Our composition experts are experienced professionals who recognize that each publication is a unique challenge, requiring very different and very specific areas of expertise. Our streamlined workflow has been perfected over the years. At the onset of your job we will discuss your job in its entirety, because we know the importance of detail. You will be assigned a Project Manager who will manage your workflow from manuscript, all the way to deliverables in the form of press- quality PDFs to the printer. We pride ourselves on being a “one-stop shop” by offering every aspect of Publication services from a wide range of comprehensive art and design services to proofreading to handing off files to the printer. Take a look at our areas of service for more specific information:


Xcel serves publishers and authors with conventional back-of-the-book indexing. Areas of concentration include textbooks, trade, business, legal, medical, history, general interest books and more. We compile clear, concise, author pleasing, reader friendly indexes.

Typesetting Services

We cultivated our craft on dedicated photo-typesetting equipment prior to the desktop publishing boom. We now use Macs utilizing the latest InDesign and Quark software but we still adhere to traditional book typesetting standards no widows, no orphans, and no hyphenation between pages or columns of type. Pages always bottom align unless a rag bottom is part of the design. We are professionals at the craft of kerning type and attempt to minimize end-of-line hyphenation as well as to eliminate awkward machine-generated spaces within or between words. Customer submitted author/editor files are reviewed prior to composition looking for potential problems that we might resolve before beginning.

Continuous Backup and Complete Archives of Final Files

How we protect your data.

  • All live projects are backed-up daily onto 2 separately located file servers;
  • All backed-up projects can be retrieved easily in case of a system failure;
  • All finished projects are archived twice, and stored off-site;
  • All archived projects can be retrieved easily following the request of a customer.
  • Our back-up and archiving practices have evolved over many years. We appreciate that it is important to our customers that we have a safe, secure and reliable system that protects their work in the event of any disaster, however unlikely.


First, we start by listening to you, our customer. We understand that every job is unique and that every workflow needs to be tailored to fit our customers’ needs. No job is too big or too small for us to handle. The consultation process ensures that we can get every piece in place to handle each specific job. We’re confident that Xcel is the right fit for your production needs, give us a call for a free consultation and let us explain why!

Full-Service Project Management

We firmly believe that a job's success lies mainly in how it is managed. It can be difficult to track all of the moving pieces of a production job. Let our experienced Project Managers take control of your job from manuscript to print-ready PDFs and every stage in between. Rest assured that your specific job manager will handle every aspect of your job and keep you updated at each step. Our Project Managers welcome your phone calls, are happy to schedule regular conference calls, and will iron out any wrinkles that may occur. We pride ourselves on our project job with us will show you why our customers come back year after year. Our service can't be beat! Design, composition, editing, proofing, author contact, and mailing—we'll handle it all from start to finish.

Art Management

Our creative design team will take your concept and turn it into a work of art. We know that artwork and design can be a major obstacle if not handled properly; therefore, we pride ourselves on having the capabilities to fill in all of the holes you need filled. We use the most current version of the Adobe Creative Suite to offer the following Graphic Design Services:

  • Illustrations: line art rendering editing, and conversion of files or color profiles
  • Photo color correction: touchups, and edits
  • Photo research: Finding, purchasing, and placing of stock photography
  • Hi-res color scanning
  • Archiving and management of new artwork


Design (Cover and Interior)

Strong design and layout are paramount in every production job. We firmly believe that this stage should be handled by a designer with experience in book layout and book cover design. We connect our clients directly with the designer assigned to their specific job. Your vision is what the designer will execute and the job will not be considered complete until you are thrilled with the end result.

Copyediting and Proofreading

Copyediting and Proofreading are two very distinct and important stages of the composition workflow that should never be skipped. Let Xcel expertly handle these stages of production for you. Our editors will ensure that your message is clearly and concisely conveyed through thorough copy editing, while our Proofreaders ensure that grammar, syntax, spelling and various other errors are caught, and corrected. Knowing what to look for makes all the difference in the end product. Xcel's attention to detail and years of experience makes us the ideal second set of eyes required for all publications to be truly error-free, so we can deliver a clean document that makes perfect sense.

PostScript/PDF Imaging

Whether the purpose is print-on-demand or electronic distribution of publications, we can output your publication as Adobe PostScript level 3 files or PDFs for printing and viewing online.

ePub Services

Includes creation of the following file types:
(if you don’t see what you need please ask)

  • Reflowable ePub2  (and mobi)
  • Reflowable ePub 3 (and multimedia)
  • Reflowable Amazon mobi/KF8  
  • Fixed Layout ePub3  (interactive)
  • Fixed Layout KF8  
  • ePub 3.0.1 (with Vital Source specifications)
  • Web PDFs

eLearning Services

  • Publishing to LMS
  • Art creation
  • QC





A recent Pew poll found that 21% of Americans are e-book readers, and that e-book usage is on the rise globally. Don’t neglect a large portion of your audience by missing out on our e-book capabilities.

We can work e-book formatting seamlessly into the workflow saving you time and money, all while increasing your sales potential. We ensure that our e-book formatting works on all of the popular e-reading devices: Kindle, Nook, and Apple.


Xcel produces journals from start to finish. Our experience in various disciplines enables us to present your information—whether it is technical, scientific, or legal—in a readable, visually interesting way.


Xcel is experienced in creating accurate, easy-to-read directories. Our expertise will ensure that your information is organized, logical, and precise.