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Book/Journal production is complex. The almost limitless variety of options can make it difficult to successfully navigate the publication process. There's no substitute for the security of knowing you have experts in your corner at every step of the way. Xcel's team uses its decades of experience and the newest technologies to ensure that you profit from the very latest the industry can offer.

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From time to time we offer discounts via e mail. To be included in the next offer just send us your e mail address and in text mention you would like to be included in next offer.

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Xcel stresses flexibility and is committed to round-the-clock customer service. We're always available to discuss your next project.

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A recent Pew poll found that 21% of Americans are e-book readers, and that e-book usage is on the rise globally. Don’t neglect a large portion of your audience by missing out on our e-book capabilities.

We can work e-book formatting seamlessly into the workflow saving you time and money, all while increasing your sales potential. We ensure that our e-book formatting works on all of the popular e-reading devices: Kindle, Nook, and Apple.


Xcel produces journals from start to finish. Our experience in various disciplines enables us to present your information—whether it is technical, scientific, or legal—in a readable, visually interesting way.


Xcel is experienced in creating accurate, easy-to-read directories. Our expertise will ensure that your information is organized, logical, and precise.